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Monday - Oct 21, 2019
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About The Instructor

In 1984 I graduated from the police academy, and was trained and qualified with the standard police sidearm of the day, a .38 /.357 caliber revolver. At that time, standard issue semi-automatic handguns would come a few years later. In 1989 I transitioned to a Sig Sauer pistol and 45 ACP and am currently certified to train you with whatever weapons platform you currently use or thinking of using.

I have never considered myself a great shooter, and will be the first to tell you that "I don't know everything". I think I was nudged in the direction of firearms training by some great peers that saw something in me.

I was first certified as a firearms instructor in Massachusetts in 1996. I have stayed within that discipline ever since.

"Consistency" is probably the best way to describe the way I was taught and continue to teach to this day. I credit some wonderful mentors through the years to this day, and with them in mind strive to get anybody shooting and shooting consistently almost immediately. I surely don't know it all, but to all those who have found my way helpful, you get my all every time out. Straight talking and straight shooting... Consistency!

Here are a few of my qualifications and certifications...
  • 1984 - Police Officer Basic Training
  • 1984 - School of Handguns
  • 1996 - Firearms Instructor
  • 2000 - Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor
  • 2001 - Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
  • 2001 - Basic Firearms Safety Instructor
  • 2005 - Bushmaster Armorer
  • 2006 - Glock Armorer
  • 2008 - Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • 2011 - Cyber Investigations
  • 2012 - Extended Range Patrol Rifle
  • 2014 - Background Investigation
  • 2014 - Detective Training
  • And Many More...

My goal is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough Safety Training at a Fair Price with the Student in mind.
John R. Dillon
State Certified Safety Instructor & Weapons Enthusiast

I would like to offer my sincere thanks and credit the following people for their support to make all of this possible for you!
  • Justin Welch Weapons Training
  • Paul Gauffin (aka White Bear) former Owner of Stateline Gun Shop
  • Don Taylor for Moral Support
  • Erik for Great Gunsmithing
  • Sammy G for Programming, Presentation Development and Graphic Design

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